With our web-based transportation management system (TMS), we can manage a large number of invoices from many different clients effectively. ILS also ensures that our partners are fully integrated into our transportation processes. Our TMS sends a pre-alert to the regional hub where the shipment is headed.

Track and trace all transaction

Thus, we’re able to track and trace all transactions and know the status of it whether it has been routed and delivered to the customer, or not. After we complete the delivery, the delivery order will be confirmed in the system, and the status of the order will be changed to “completed”. To sum up, logging on to our TMS will allow us to the following :

  • Track your order and its specific truck
  • Follow the delivery trail of each order
  • Access daily status reports
  • Trace the return of goods

This facilitates a smooth delivery for every shipment, saving you time and money and sparing your cause for concern. Even though we mostly use TMS for internal propose, our clients may access to see how we manage their orders. However, the GPS tracking system is an option to know the real-time status of each invoice which brings value-added to the customer.

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