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Since ILS has been founded, we have a lot of opportunities to serve the customer from various industry, big company and even small company. There are many types of goods that we’re operating such as raw material for factory, finished goods (food and non-food) and even marketing material. With trust from our value customer, our business is growing continuously and there are success stories that we’re proud to present. For example ;

BTS sky train

During year 1997 – 2001 , ILS and our family company “The Freight” involved in BTS sky train project. Under the contract with Siemens, we stored bogies and its rail at our custody. As it’s the large object, it is required the large storage space and quick installation process. Efficient handling equipment and on-site service were very important. Thus, this turnkey project was one of our success projects that we’re so proud.

Food service

We understand how excellence logistics is important for food service industry. The inventory need to be controlled by FEFO (First expire first out) and FIFO (First in first out). In addition, most order are required piece picking with high stock accuracy. The ability to deliver the great warehouse and transport service when opening new shop/store is also important. From our experience, we have ever supported to the business expansion of our clients from 500 branches to be more than 1000 branches in less than 3 year. With our strong team and system, we’re proud to be a part of customer’s business growth.

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