Warehousing and Distribution in Thailand are regulated with general safety standards all Logistics companies must comply with.

ILS goes above and beyond this duty and ensures that our employees exceed HES compliance standards to maintain our leadership as a respected company in safe warehouse operation and safe transportation.

Workplace Safety in our Warehouses

We take great pride in our Health, Environmental & Safety policies and believe that nothing is more important than achieving and maintaining our company goals of zero accidents, zero environmental incidents and zero injuries.

At ILS, we know that setting high standards is not enough. Companies must ensure that their standards are being adhered to, and we do.

Our HES Management System is based on four program elements:

  • Management Leadership and Employee Involvement – Leaders are clear on their responsibilities to provide guidance and support and employees are clear on their responsibilities to work with our HES program.
  • Worksite Analysis – Management and employees work together to analyze safety and health hazards inherent in each job site and to find means to eliminate those hazards
  • Hazard Prevention and Control – Prevention is key to health and safety in all ILS warehouses at all stages and working processes
  • Training – At ILS we believe that employees can only become involved successfully when everyone receives sufficient training to understand what their Health, Environmental & Safety responsibilities are and how to fulfill them.

ILS management pays special attention to annual training provided to all employees onsite to identify ways and methods of improvement.

On The Road…Safety First

Thailand’s truck drivers face many challenges every day on crowded streets and highways, from inattentive automobile drivers to endless road constructions when travelling upcountry.

Introduced in 2006, ILS implemented RTS Road Transport Safety Program, which was the first comprehensive driver program to identify and address all potential causes of MVC Motor Vehicle Crashes

Our ILS drivers are trained on a regular basis and equipped with all the knowledge they need to be the best professional driver possible.

Annual external compliance audits are conducted by international clients to guarantee operational excellence and transparency in our transportation- and Supply Chain deliveries.

RTS Road Transport Safety is a systematic approach to managing safety in transport and designed to provide leadership and guidance to our drivers.

Some of the major RTS key elements are:

  • Driver Selection and Health Screening – One of the most critical decisions that a trucking company makes is the selection of drivers. At ILS all potential drivers undergo a very detailed screening process prior to allowing them to drive a company vehicle. Annual health checks are conducted to all drivers.
  • Defensive Driving Programs – The key to any successful safety program is defensive driving. At ILS it became a standard training to all drivers once a year since 2006.
  • SMITH Training – our mandatory practical training course, with annual refreshers and in-cab coaching and assessments
  • Driver Safety Meetings – ILS is conducting safety meetings on a regular basis that enables our driver to apply the information they learned with the objective to become a safe driver.
  • Journey Planning – All Routine journeys have been assessed for hazards and standard journey plans have been developed for each routine route
  • Fatigue Management – The maximum hours that a driver can be on duty are strictly controlled and monitored by On-Board Computers which provide comprehensive reports of driving performance and vehicle operations.

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