ILS warehouse

To accommodate our many clients that work in the food industry, ILS expanded its operational space, constructing a new warehouse that opened at the end of 2013. This new warehouse is clean, standard equipped, and good for food storage. It also includes dispatching area and docking for a small and large trucks to loading and unloading.

Our warehouse now is located outside the truck curfew zone in Bangkok, allowing for easy transportation to and from all major distribution points in Thailand.

  • ILS Warehouse 1: 2,500 square meters, with 3,192 storage locations
  • ILS Warehouse 2: 1,500 square meters of flat storage

With our two spacious warehouses, we offer options and opportunities to businesses in any industry. We welcome you to contact us for more information about our third-party logistics solutions. Drop us a line, and see what ILS can do for you.

In addition, we would like to introduce that we’re constructing a new warehouse on 2,800 sqm which will be ready for storage in the first quarter of 2015. It is planned to be air-conditioned storage which is perfect for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. If you’re interested in the A/C storage, please contact us or call 02 714 2414

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