At ILS, our ultimate goal is to streamline the flow of data across the physical, informational, and financial supply chain networks. By making data a priority within our inventory management, we have developed more efficient storage and warehousing processes, reducing cycle time, decreasing defects, and bring value added to our customer continuously.

How ILS Handles Inventory Management

ILS removes the complexities from the supply chain network. We track and maintain inventory, plan and execute inbound and outbound deliveries, and take control over warehousing operation.

As a third-party logistics provider (3PL), ILS uses our in-house developed WMS, to control all processes in warehouse. In addition, we do quality management by applying KPI to measure and evaluate our performance. The inventory management can be customized according to our customers’ needs and provides the most cost-effective services possible.

ILS inventory management includes:

  • Storage service
  • Managing break bulk cargo and repackaging
  • Processing delivery orders (DO) or invoice
  • Automated FEFO (First expire first out) / FIFO (First in first out) control
  • Batch and/or serial number tracking
  • Min – max stock level control
  • Cross docking
  • Inventory analysis and forecasting
  • Quality management
  • Onsite supply chain consultancy and operations

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