WMS ILS system

To provide our customers with the greatest operating, security, and financial advantages in Thailand logistics, ILS equips a large storage facilities with an advanced warehouse management system (WMS). Our WMS streamlines cargo flow and storage, creating a more efficient process that significantly reduces cost and fulfillment time with high stock accuracy. Some features of our WMS include:

  • Product master and customer master set up
  • Receipt and Pre-Alert Tracking
  • Real-time Inventory Control By:
    • Batch # / Expiry Date
    • Aging Control
    • Serial #
    • Pallet / CBM Control
    • Automated FIFO/FEFO control
  • Minimum Stock / ROP—ROQ
  • Standard and customized report with customer access
  • Replenishment Options from Bulk to Pick Face

In-house developed warehouse management

Our in-house developed warehouse management system can offer bespoke logistic solutions for our clients in Thailand, such as online access that among other things grants:

  • Product Tracking
  • Product Visualization
  • Customized Management Reports
  • Data Interchange
  • Product recall support

ILS aims to provide the best answer to your logistics needs in Thailand. And we can do that, thanks to our efficient and cost-effective WMS.

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